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PAMA International is designated to provide professional training and services with well founded universities and institutes to corporate/people in the insurance, finance and business sectors, to improve their professional status. PAMA International operates the following branches:

PAMA Consulting Services
"Your Partner for Success"
PAMA Institute of Professional Studies
"Leading You to Professionalism"
International Association of Financial Advisers 
"Leading You to Financial Professional"
International Agency Managers Association
"Leading to Professional Agency Builder"
Professional Association of Management Executives International
"Leading You to Management Professional"
PAMA Institute of e - Learning
"Easy & Convenient Way to Learn"
PAMA FINANCE Financial & Management Consulting Ltd
 "Loyalty to Clients’ Interest"
"Dedication to Social Responsibility"
"Build the Best of the Best"
"Teach yourself English"
The above organization are kwon as The PAMA Group.

PAMA International’s Principles

  Professional Identification and Standards:
Members in insurance, finance and business fields will improve their professional capabilities and professional status through continuing learning and self studies.

Continuing Education

  Members will maintain their professional proficiency in their work through continuing learning such as attending Continuing Development Programs (CDP), Mastermind Sessions and Roundtable Meetings organized by PAMA International.

Ethical Conduct

  Members with necessary government licences as pre-requisite will abide by both the spirit of the law and regulations applicable to insurance, finance and business services and at all times put their clients' interest above their own.

Working Goals


  Providing professional membership and services for those who pursue professionalism
  Providing and promoting continuing education opportunities as well as training in insurance, finance and      business management
  Collecting and recommending theories and practices for professional proficiency
  Establishing dialogue platform with local and international professional bodies.

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