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Registered Financial Adviser
Professional Program
" This is an off-shore professional diploma program which helps you use financial advisers’
skills of selling for getting a larger amount of insurance policy. "
Executive Diploma in Financial Planning Program
Executive Diploma in Financial Planning is a transformational program designed in accordance with international practicing experience and standards. The workshop is joinlty run by International Association of Financial Advisers and Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA). Candidates must have at least two years in financial field with practicing licences. They will be members of AFA International after completion of the program.
Program Features
Practical Implementation The program helps students to acquire the knowledge and skills of total approach to financial planning, but also at the same time guides students to integrate financial planning with products portfolio into real situation. This results in real changes in efficiency and advancement of career.
Performance Enhancement Students with the total approach in financial planning skills will be able to change their traditional habit of selling to improve their personal performance in production.
Program Content
This Executive Diploma in Financial Planning (EDFP) Program consists of 8 Modules, requiring candidates to devote sufficient time and efforts for self study. After completion of these Modules, candidates need to follow the professional financial planning procedure to write up a personal financial plan project according to a client’s information.
Module 1:Money & Investing
Module 2:Fundamental Analysis of Equities
Module 3:Financial Planning
Module 4:Financial Planning Selling Skills Workshop
Module 5:Business Financial Planning
Module 6:Business Financial Planning Workshop
Module 7:Financial Adviser Selling Skills Workshop
Module 8:Macro-economics for Financial Advisers
Successful candidates will get the Executive Diploma in Financial Planning (EDFP) from HKMA plus the membership of AFA International.
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