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Distance Degree Programs of
Pebble Hills University
Pebble Hills University, USA
Pebble Hills University  is a global university with over 30,000 graduates operated in many countries. The University is incorporated in Delaware, USA and is accredited by International Accreditation Organization (IAO).
In June, 2011, Pebble Hills University announced that PHU is granted accreditation by Accreditation Syndicate for Education & Training (ASET), which is listed as supporting body with United Kingdom Department responsible for further and higher education, the Department for Business Innovation & Skill for England & Wales. ASET is registered with UK Register of Learning Providers, an external verification agency set up under the UK Government Funding Agency.
The Quality Assurance Commission (Listed as a Supporting Body with the United Kingdom Government responsible for Higher Education policies, Department for Business, Innovation & Skills in Great Britain) confirms that Pebble Hills University's academic awards have been aligned to the Qualifications and Credit Framework of the United Kingdom.
Pebble Hills University has appointed our Association as its Asia Extension-Supporting Office which will assist prospective candidates to acquire the MBA, MBA (Finance), DBA and PhD distance degrees of the University as they have completed their studies through distance/off-shore learning.
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