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Member of International Agency Managers Association Practical Workshop
" This is an off-shore transformation workshop which helps you achieve
high production, high quality and high performance. "
Executive Diploma in Agency Management Workshop
The Executive Diploma in Agency Management (EDAM) for the professional designation of MIAMA has successfully helped agency forces to establish agence management systems to achieve the goals of high quality, high production and high profitability. This is workshop program jointly organized with Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA).
Program Content
This workshop consists of 8 Modules:
Workshop 1:How to Think and Plan for Results
Workshop 2:How to Recruit Winners for Fast Start
Workshop 3:How to Develop Potentials for Success
Workshop 4:How to Manage Finance for Profitability 
Workshop 5:How to Monitor and Measure for High Performance
Workshop 6:How to Motivate and Lead for Loyalty
Workshop 7:How to Multiply and Maximize for Fast Growth
Workshop 8:How to Live in Balance for a Successful Life
Candidates will be a member of AMA International after completion of the training and acquire Executive Diploma in Agency Management.
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