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Welcome to PAMA Eagles Club
"Build the Best of the Best"

" Platform for pursuing professionalism "

" Help more people fulfill dreams of success "

What is PAMA Eagles Club

PAMA Eagles Club (PE Club) is specially established by PAMA International for the interest of all members. The objectives of the PE Club are to create a platform for promotion and recognition of service excellence of the members for the interests of clients and the community at large.


Who can Join the Club

Members of AFA International, AMA International, PAME International, are eligible to join the PE Club provided they have not violated the codes of ethics, or jeopardize the name of our association and members' interests and have no outstanding due on annual subscription.


The Eagles' Convention

The PE Club organizes the Eagles' Convention as annual function for members. All qualified members can attend the Convention, where winners of contests organized by the respective Associations under PAMA International will be honored by awards. At the Convention, Seminars on professional topics will be included.


What are the Contests

The professional competitions are as follows:

  "Outstanding Financial Plan Award" organized by International Association of
  Financial Advisers (AFA International);

  "Outstanding Agency Plan Award" organized by the International Agency
  Managers Association (AMA International);

  "Outstanding Management Performance Award" organized byProfessional
  Asociation of Management Executives International (PAME International);

  "Outstanding Management Plan Award" organized by Professional Asociation
  of Management Executives International (PAME International);


Elites Clubs under the PE Club

The PE Club will assist our members to form Elites Club by respective professional designees, such as RFA Elites Club, MIAMA Elites Club or CPBM Elites Club.

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