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PAMA Consulting Services
"Improve your performance, succeed in competitive environment"
About PCS

PAMA Consulting services help companies and individuals improve their performance and to succeed in the competitive environment. Modern businesses require reliable and experienced consulting services to solve problems and implement solutions that have positive effects on higher productivity, higher quality of Manpower and higher profitability.


PAMA Consulting Services (PCS), an extension of PAMA International, is therefore established to serve corporations and individuals in both business and financial sectors to improve their performance and succeed in the highly competitive business environment. PCS combines hands-on-experience consultants in the fields of Strategic Consulting, Human Resources Development Consulting, Financial Consulting and Training Consulting for businesses of different scales.


PAMA Consulting Services (PCS) is under the leadership of Dr. Robert Suen, PhD who have been the management profession for over 30 years and has helped many corporations navigate uncertain environment and formulate strategies and tactical plans to success. PCS has extensive hands-on-experience to assist corporations to sharpen their competitiveness through competence development.

PCS Approaches

PCS will employ different methodologies depending on the field in which PCS Consultants are working. However, as a general approach, PCS will accomplish their tasks in a four-stage process:

  Stage 1: involves identifying the problem or goal and conceiving ideas on how to rectify or achieve it.
Stage 2: involves forming strategies and visualizing how the business can Implement new ideas.
Stage 3: is the action stage, where PCS consultants will generally work closely alongside the business and
               execute the plan.
Stage 4: is closure, ensuring that the company is prepared to maintain its newly achieved status.
PCS Professional Ethics
  PCS is a value-driven organization. We will always:

  Put clients interest ahead of our own
  Behave professionally
  Keep our clients' information confidential
  Tell the true as we see it
  Deliver the best we can

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