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PAMA City English
" Teach yourself English through this platform "
" Dedicated to my beloved mother, Mrs. Alice Young "

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PAMA City English

PAMA City English is an extended service of PAMA Institute of Professional Studies which is accredited by the American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation (AAHEA) established in 1870 in U.S.A. The Institute is also recognized by California University fce on the standards and quality of the courses of PAMA Institute and its certifications as equivalent to those of the recognized educational institutions in the States.


AAHEA's mission and primary functions are to assure academic quality and ongoing improvement in the academic courses, programs and degrees. PAMA Institute share the same philosophy and value of AAHEA and has dedicated all its efforts to ensure students to acquire the high quality of training and education. PAMA Institute has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence by AAHEA.


PAMA City English (PCE) is a platform developed by Dr. Robert Suen, CEO of the PAMA Group, who has been serving the financial and business communities in China, Hong Kong & Macau since 1992. PCE is fully aware of the pressing needs of academic and Practical English programs for students and working adults in these territories, especially in China, which has grown pretty fast as major players in the international trade. This being the environment, PCE wishes to integrate its resources and expertise in training and education to fulfill its Mission & Goals as follows:


"It is the mission of PAMA Institute to commit itself as a leading English Learning Provider with high quality English Programs to assist learners to master the proficiency of English in a most effective way."


"It is the goals of PAMA Institute to widely promote the value of proficiency in using English to Individuals and assist them to master the language in their career advancement and for corporations to effectively use the language as players in the international trade."

  PAMA City English is an online platform where English programs learner teach themselves to learn to English. The programs are designed in a such a way which are "Easy to learn, Easy to remember, Easy to use". This platform will be soon opened to the public.

PAMA City English provides English Tutorial Sessions in the form of workshops upon request. The English Workshops are all tailor-made to suit the needs of learners after assessments. They Include:

    PAMA English Workshop for Children – Oral English
    PAMA English Workshop for Students – Public Examinations
    PAMA English Workshop for Working Adults – Functional English
    PAMA English Workshop for Executives – Oral & Written English
    PAMA English Workshop for Corporations



PAMA City English has a pool of foreign English teachers who have extensive experience in teaching English as their profession.


PAMA City English believes that all people have the right to learn English, no matter rich or poor. EPCE have in fact worked closely with PAMA Charity Fund and other charity bodies to provide free learning opportunities of English to children from poor families through different Schools of Hope. PCE regards this as its sole responsibility.


Should any individuals or organizations be interested in any of the PAMA English Workshops, please contact us: email:

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