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Professional Articles of Agency Management
  Theme Date
What鈥檚 Agency Management 2007.03
Six Basic Principles of Recruitment
Six Common Charact Eristics of Marketing Director 2007.05
Two Core Skills of Marketing Director 2007.06
The Laws of Recruit(Part One)
The Laws of Recruit(Part Two)
The Laws of Recruit(Part Three) 2007.09
The Laws of Recruit(Part Four)
The Laws of Recruit(Part Five) 2007.11
Choose the Interviewing Guildelines 2007.12
The Strategies of Inspiring Interest 2008.01
The Meaning of Being Confiedent 2008.02
Do Well-done Job Everyday 2008.03
Develop People 2008.04
Develop the Salesman with Resposibilities 2008.05
How the New Salesman to Improve 2008.06
The Philosophy of Communication 2008.07
The Differentiation Builders 2008.08
The Present and Future Agency 2008.09
The Confirmed Successful Strategies(Part one) 2008.10
The Confirmed Successful Strategies(Part two) 2008.11
The Power of Valuing Details 2008.12
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